Why Abortion is Unnatural

unnatural abortionThere are some people who would argue that abortion is a solution to a problem, but there would seem to be more evidence against this than for it. In fact, the more abortion is studied, the more it is agreed upon that abortion causes mental and physical damage far more than it helps or repairs anything. People commit to abortions thinking that they are harmlessly evading a natural consequence of their actions when they are actually making themselves worse off. Below are several reasons that abortion is largely considered unnatural and harmful:

  • It goes against nature’s plans. Pregnancy and child bearing is a natural and essential component of the life of any organism. There is a reason one hears pregnant women often say they feel radiant, glowing and in tune with nature. This is because nature intended for women to become pregnant. Therefore, when a woman becomes pregnant but then aborts her pregnancy, an unnatural event has taken place in her personal life and in the life of her physical being, and it has disrupted the spiritual and biological intentions of motherhood.
  • It creates an unwanted shock to the body. Aborting a pregnancy literally puts a woman’s body into a type of shock. A woman’s body has a lot to do in order to prepare for a pregnancy. As soon as a woman become pregnant, her body and brain chemistry begin to change in order to prepare for the next nine months of pregnancy. Cancelling this process at any point presents intense confusion the chemical changes that were taking place, throwing the woman into a flood of hormones that she cannot use and a crash of bodily processes that make her unwell.
  • It often goes against the natural desire to be pregnant. All too often, a woman commits to an abortion despite an inner voice telling her to go through with it. This causes the worst kind of damage, because once an abortion is performed, the woman becomes haunted by regrets and thoughts of “what if.” A woman who is inclined to feel that she should keep a pregnancy should never terminate it.

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