The Effects of Abortion on Mental Health

abortion mental healthIt has long been known that abortion causes mental strain to women. Abortion is a very challenging, morally loaded decision to make and is known to cause significant mental hardships to women. This has always been a fact that anti-abortion groups cite in their campaigns. Pro-abortion groups retaliate by saying that the mental health argument is subjective and there is no real evidence of mental health problems caused by abortion. Modern studies show that abortion is connected to certain mental health concerns in women.

Abortion negatively impacts a woman’s mental health for a number of reasons. Having an abortion feels unnatural to women because it is. It is far more natural to a woman’s hormone production and bodily processes to allow nature to run its course. A woman’s body does a lot to prepare for pregnancy, and when the process is aborted, her body is confused and is susceptible to malfunction. Not only does her bod physically crash due to the aborted pregnancy, her mind is flooded with hormones and unintended brain chemicals that make her feel not like herself.

Abortion is often connected to shattered dreams of intimacy for women. Many women have abortions because they are pressured into them by the man who fathered the child. Or, the pressure on them could be perceived by them and they make their decision to abort based on imagined pressure. The point is, many women get abortions ignoring the feeling that they would rather not have one. ThisĀ kind of decision makingĀ is always the grounds for mental unhealthiness because she does not feel free or able to choose based on what she wants.

The other obvious dilemma for a woman when it comes to abortion is wondering whether or not it was or is the right thing to do based on personal morals. Abortion was not something women considered until very recently, relatively speaking. There is a great deal of support for a woman’s right to choose, and there is a great deal of opposition to abortion. Knowing what to choose can be incredibly difficult, and creates mental strain for women.

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