The Effects of Abortion on Physical Health

abortion physical healthBecause it is a natural process for women to become pregnant and give birth, aborting a fetus can come with dangerous physical complications for women. This is not information that is circulated like it should be. People tend to think of abortions as harmless as long as they are performed by licensed medical professionals. This is far from the truth. The abortive procedure is very intrusive to a woman’s body and poses a great deal of risk to her physical health in the form of infection, bleeding, fertility problems and more. Some of the common physical risks of abortions are as follows:

  • Infection. One common risk of abortion is infection due to mishandled surgical equipment. Frequently, not all matter is removed from the uterus and it can cause infections over time. Surgical instrument can also cause abrasions, which lead to infection.
  • Bleeding. Excessive bleeding is another risk of abortion. Some bleeding is normal, but excessive bleeding indicates a bad procedure and calls for emergency surgical repairs.
  • Damaged Uterus, Cervix or Bladder. Surgical instruments sometimes puncture the uterus, cervix or bladder, causing perforations that require surgical repair. A weak cervix cannot always be repaired after an abortion and some women are unable to conceive ever again.
  • Sterility. Abortion statistically increases a woman’s chance of sterility. Aborting a fetus compromises a woman’s reproductive organs and they are not always able to be functional afterward.
  • Scarring. It is common for an abortion to leave behind some kind of scarring. Surgical tools are obtrusive and can leave marks on the uterine walls. Because an egg needs a smooth surface to bind to on a uterine wall, scarring can cause sterility, as well as causing infection and bleeding.

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